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Natural Orange Flower Water & Rose Water

The Imee Orange Flower Water & Rose Water is a refreshing facial mist to help restore balance and vitality.

Scented with pure orange blossoms, the steam-distilled formula works to capture the blossoms’ powerful properties. It aims to revive the skin with a helpful energy boost, supporting a fresh complexion.

Lending a soothing treat for the senses, the aromatic face mist imparts a soft, floral cloud of fragrance. Imee bottle the essence of blooming orange grove in this Flower Water to instantly revitalize and nourish.

Mist across your face from left to right then back again in a continuous sweeping motion. Repeat throughout the day as needed. Keep away from heat and sunlight.

Distilled water & Citrus Aurantium Amara (bitter Orange) Flower Water.

天然橙花水 / 天然玫瑰水

Imee 橙花水 / 天然玫瑰水是一种清爽的面部喷雾,有助于恢复平衡和活力。

这款蒸汽蒸馏配方散发着纯橙花的香气,可捕捉花朵的强大特性。 它旨在通过有益的能量提升来恢复皮肤,支持清新的肤色。

芳香的面部喷雾带来舒缓的感官享受,带来柔和的花香云雾。 Imee 将盛开的橙树精华注入这款花水,瞬间焕发活力和滋养。

雾气从左到右扫过你的脸,然后以连续的扫掠动作再次回来。 根据需要全天重复。 远离热源和阳光。

蒸馏水和 Citrus Aurantium Amara(苦橙)花水。

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Orange Flower Water, Rose Water


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