Nano Ion® Zn Antibacterial Spray (CLA.NZ1004) (50ML)


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Effective against bacteria, fungus and virus! In the biomedical industry, Nano Zn+ is widely functional and beneficial. When mixed with water, Nano Zn+ releases zinc ions (Zn+), which penetrates through cell membranes. When in contact with the negatively charged microbial cells, sulfhydryl in the bacteria will be attracted, deactivating the enzyme and directly damages the cell membrane, changing the characteristics of enzyme in microbial cells, leading to suffocation, decelerating metabolism and reproduction of bacteria and deactivating its anti-bacterial effect.

Packing : 50 ml


1 Bottle, Buy 3 Free 1


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Nano Ion® Zn Antibacterial Spray (CLA.NZ1004) (50ML)
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